Free resources for good practice in inclusive communications, and compliance with Information Standards.

Sense Making Optimisation

Sense Making Optimisation maximises (optimises) accessibility and understanding (making sense), for all audiences and media channels.

Sense Making Optimisation includes Easier English, making language easier to read, understand and retain.

Easier English is responsive to audience need, expanding and updating traditional simplification techniques, such as Plain English and Easy Read. It is suitable for audiences with high, average and low literacy, and those with sensory, memory, communication and learning impairments.

Accessible Information Ladder

An evidence based framework to plan, create and evaluate accessible information and inclusive communications.

The Accessible Information Ladder correlates to the stages of Sense Making Optimisation.

Identify and record needs

A form to identify and record communication needs, for health and social care providers. Uses accessible language, and NHS England’s Accessible Information Standard codes.


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