Accessibility audits

Is your information easy to understand?


For information recipients

If your information is too difficult, we can tell you why it’s too difficult, so you can ask for easier information. You have a right to ask for accessible information in health and social care, if you have a communication need relating to a disability.

If information in alternative formats is still too hard to understand – like Easy Read, Braille and audio, we can also help.

For information providers and commissioners

We offer an objective, multilevel approach to assess the complexity of your information. We do not rely on readability formulae, as they create superficial, and sometimes misleading, measures of complexity. If you’ve already commissioned plain English or Easy Read, we can measure the effectiveness of adaptations, for your intended audience.

Our audits provide guidance – at multiple, easy to follow levels – to improve customers’ experiences.


For more information, please contact us.


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