Transforming accessibility

We provide you with evidence-based skills to adapt content and language, and increase your reach and effectiveness.

If you are already familiar with plain English or Easy Read, update your knowledge with contemporary, strategic skills that enhance understanding at a deeper level.

Our in-house training is suitable for traditional and digital media, and can be tailored to your needs.

‘Many thanks for taking the time to go through this. The more theoretical and ethical side of language is a whole new field for me. You mention some very useful principles that I will aim to adopt – things that feel obvious now you mention them!’

Patient Information Manager, NHS Foundation Trust

Our training includes:

Accessible information

  • identify your customers’ language, literacy and information needs
  • update and expand plain English and Easy Read techniques
  • adapt information for people with cognitive and communication impairment
  • make standard information easier to understand

Valid user testing

  • identify and control variables that affect test validity, for transparency and effectiveness
  • support people with learning, language and cognitive disabilities in co-creation and testing

Other training

We also provide training in:

  • using illustrations effectively
  • easier language for video and audio
  • inclusive communications strategy

If you’d like to talk about your training needs, please contact us.




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