Making information easier

We make information easier to understand and remember, creating content that’s more engaging, for more people.

We update and expand plain English and Easy Read, with Easier English. Easier English maximises understanding of printed and digital information, increasing your reach and effectiveness.

Easier English is suitable for people with high to low literacy, including people with communication, cognitive and sensory impairments. We can maximise understanding of  reports, leaflets, websites, surveys, consent forms, videos, letters, campaigns and more.

Easier English is not a ‘one style suits all’ approach: our strategic advice and specialist adaptations are responsive to your audience’s language, literacy and information needs.

We do not promise to make information ‘easy’, ‘plain’ or ‘clear’, because that is for the recipient to decide, and everyone is different. We make promises we can keep: to make your communications easier, for more people.

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