How we work

We use accredited and objective communication skills, supported by a robust evidence base, to make your information easier to understand and remember.

We start with engagement, so we understand your aims and your customers’ needs. This knowledge systematically and objectively guides content and language adaptations.

We ensure language is relevant, and easier to process, retain and act upon.

We offer quality assurance with our objective, multilevel evaluation and user testing.

Creating accessible information

To make information easier and more effective, we have pioneered an approach called Easier English.

Easier English expands and modernises plain English and Easy Read, to create engaging, accessible content for all.

Planning and evaluating accessible information

Our planning process, ‘Sense Making Optimisation’, maximises (optimises) understanding (making sense), for all audiences.

Sense Making Optimisation is systematic and responsive, ensuring no customer’s needs are overlooked.

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